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Moving The Needle With SEO Tools

The following is an email blast that went out to our subscribers on 1-12-2020


Whew….. If you ran a Cyber weekend sale, I hope it went well for you. 

I’m still recovering from working with our clients and own stores. It’s always a big task to get organised and keep things ticking along nicely with a big sale like this.

Competing With The Big Boys

I had a question the other day about should we even bother trying to compete with the massive ecom sites or branded sites that are aged, have huge authority, and 1000s of links. 

My answer is a classic SEO answer…..It depends! 

Sometimes when you do some keyword research, you start to get excited about what the potential is…..then you check the first page of Google and find that it’s filled with the big boys, or high DR sites. 

So you move on.

BUT….you can compete. Look at this example below. This is one of our brand new sites. It’s not Shopify, but it will be part of a Shopify store in the future. 

Our strategy here is different than most…..We are ranking content first, driving traffic, and then we will bring in a Shopify store later on……when we already have traffic.


seo tools that work


What do you notice about our listing?

We are in position 6 for a keyword that has about 200 searches per month, when you take into account all keyword variations.

It has a DR of 2. Every other site on page 1 for this keyword is between 90 and 27.

This is not a massive keyword, but this page is ranking for other terms and also long tails.

One month after publishing this post, it brings in about 15 unique visitors per day and growing. As we publish more posts just like this, our traffic just keeps growing.

This is proof that you can rank and compete with the right strategy, even if your site is brand new.


We let the data guide us. We use tools that help us move the needle. Surfer SEO & for example. 

The point is, these tools are not gimmicks, they are serious data analytics tools that help you move the needle.

We use them everyday to get results.



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