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Google Surfaces – Leveraging Free Google Traffic

The following is a copy of en email blast that went out to our list on 3/12/2020


Google is one of the most powerful ways to market and promote your products…….

….but, we all know they are one of the most frustrating businesses on the planet…….

There are times though, when Google gives us awesome free stuff, but as Google does, it normally doesn’t promote the cool free stuff all that well.

Enter Google Surfaces

If you haven’t heard of Google surfaces yet, it’s part of Google Merchant Centre, and it’s essentially an extension of Google shopping paid ads, that allows you to show your products in the the Google Shopping section of Google…….FREE.

The caveat here is that your products will be shown after the paid ads, just like the image below.

free traffic google surfaces

Even if you are not using Google shopping paid ads, it’s worth setting up Google surfaces as it’s free, and it’s does bring in buyer traffic.

It Has SEO Benefits

It’s also has an SEO benefit, as quality traffic is a core ranking signal for Google. 

What better traffic than a user who clicks on a product in Google shopping. See the clicks coming in from an account we setup only a week ago below.

clicks from google surfaces

The easiest and fastest way to get setup is using the Shopify Google channel in your Shopify dashboard, and follow the instructions. 

Note that Google has been rolling this our gradually around the world, so if it’s not in your region yet, be patient.




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