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Using Upviral To Generate Leads For An Ecom Project Launch

This is an email blast that went out to our email list on 8-5-2021


I posted a video a few weeks ago discussing a new ecommerce marketplace project we are working on currently.

We are using for our launch strategy, to generate leads and build our email list even before we have the marketplace is live.

I’ve used Upviral in the past, with limited results. However this time I went a bit deeper into the strategy and nitty gritty of using the platform. So far it’s worked super well, generating over 1200 highly targeted leads to our email list for around 33c per lead.

Our goal is to generate 5000 leads onto out list at launch.

The indirect SEO benefit is also significant, which I discuss at the end of the video!

Check it out below

using upviral



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