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Shopify Sales Pages – Create Evergreen Pages For Performance

The following is an email blast that went out to our list on 26-11-2020


With Black Friday starting tomorrow (so many offers are already live), I thought it a good time to give you a very simple, effective, and actionable tip to have your Shopify store ready for next year. 

This is not rocket science, but getting this set up now can pay off many years into the future. 

Black Friday Organic Traffic

What most stores do is create a sale page just before the sale, let it run, send some paid traffic, social whatever…….

They do ok, and then unpublish that page. They don’t want a non active sale page active throughout the year…..right.

Create Evergreen Sales Pages

What we do and you should too, is create evergreen sales pages.

For example:

  • yourstore . com / pages / black-friday-sale
  • yourstore . com / pages / boxing-day-sale
  • yourstore . com / pages / easter-sale

The idea is to keep these URLs live all the time, and just swap out the content, and SEO meta information for each sale. 

You can add a new H1 (page title) and SEO title for each sale

for example: Black Friday Sale 2020 – Get X% OFF Store Wide

Then create quality content optimised correctly.

Over time, this page matures, will gain some nice backlinks, and relevance for you particular market. 

Each time you create a new sale, it will perform better and better.

When the sale is over, you can just link to the pages (so they are not orphan pages) in a html sitemap or hub sale page. Each sale page can then just have note added after the sale, that it has expired.

Alternatively you could create new URLs and redirect the old URL each time, but in our experience this is not as powerful.

So…….it’s simple, actionable……and really no excuse for a little time getting the page setup!



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