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10,000 Shopify SEO Visitors / Month To 21,000 Visitors / Month In 5 Months

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Moving the needle with Shopify stores with SEO, I’m not going to lie… a big adrenaline rush.

Having a happy client with a store that is growing and generating revenue purely off organic visits from Google and the other search engines, it’s simply golden.

The return from organic traffic once it starts flowing in, is simply amazing.

In the video below, I walk through a case study of a client we are currently working with, and how we increased traffic from 10,000 / month, to 20,000 unique visitors per month in 5 months, and grew organic traffic revenue by 118% in the process.

I discuss the process and strategy…and how we do it with consistency and a system, without doing anything crazy.

Check it out below:

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