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Having Patience With SEO In Today’s Instant Gratification Eco-System

This is a re-publication of an email blast that went out to our members on 22-11-2020


I hope you’re having a great weekend so far. You may of noticed I’ve started to send out content more regularly. 

It’s my goal to help as many people I can moving into 2021, improving their Shopify store traffic, and overall performance. 

SEO is all about mindset….

Yep, you’ve probably heard it all before, but the thing is, with SEO, it’s particularly true.

Your Personality Type Will Determine Your Success With SEO

A close friend who runs a successful Shopify store called me the other day, wanting us to do his SEO for him. Knowing him well, I thought it may not be the right strategy for him. 


He is extremely ambitious and wants results fast….like super fast. He’s built his store rapidly and scaled it to 6 figures per month with paid advertising. 

I just know if we do SEO, for him, and don’t results in the first week, he wont be happy.


Patience & Consistency

The key is time and consistency…..a little bit each day. You also have to trust the process and ride out the fluctuations that happen. 

For example, here is a client site 3 months in to a campaign. 


patience with seo

You can see the pull back in traffic about 2.5 months in. We see this all the time, where there is a pull back before a move up. 

Too many site owners give up after a couple of months without results, or worse, reverse everything they’ve done in those 2 months, without giving the algorithm time to re-value the site. 

When you have a process, and you’re patient, Shopify SEO simply works. If you have a personality like my friend, be self aware and change your mindset to be patient. 

Organic Google traffic is amazing once you have it.



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