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Content Creation For Shopify Stores- Surfer SEO

The following is an email blast that went out to our list on 24-11-2020


One the most time consuming and certainly expensive parts of any Shopify SEO campaign, is creating content.

Most of us can write blog posts and product descriptions for our Shopify store.


even if we do in depth keyword research and topical analysis, how do we actually know we’re creating the content that not only is great for our readers, but also Google and the other search engines.

The Content Conundrum

There are two areas that really need to addressed for creating blog content for your store:

1. How to create enough without blowing your budget….. or brain

2. How to create that content that is optimised correctly for both Google and your readers

These are two of the main questions we will be working on in 2021, to really not only up our content game, but help our students as well. 

Currently we working on and testing a system using a number of different tools, that can do just that. 

As soon as we have any meaningful results, you’ll be the first to know.

Enter Surfer SEO

If you haven’t heard about Surfer SEO yet, you will. It’s been a game changer in content creation for the last couple of years. 

What does it do?

The concept is simple…..but the tech behind the tool is not.

Essentially it creates a template for you to follow when writing about certain topics, that is matched against sites already ranking and performing well for those topics, including H1 tags, words count, true density, and a heap of other data.

The end result is a piece of content that is not only optimised for the search engines, but your readers as well.

Does it work? Check out an example below of a term we used with Surfer in a competitive health niche, for a blog post we wrote. 

This is the organic traffic graph for that one blog post. 

surfer seo for shopifyThe tool is easy to use, as more times than not, we end up with results like this.

If you’ve been on the fence about Surfer SEO, this is good time to consider trying it. 

You can get a 7 day free trial, but they are also having a Black Friday sale. You can check out the offer here:

Surfer SEO Black Friday Sale


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