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Paid Traffic Can Help You SEO? Wait What?

The following is an email blast that was sent out to our members on 21/11/2020

Hey ,

So I was on the phone with a call with a client yesterday, talking about current results.

I remember last year it took some twisting of the arm to convince him to start running Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads, in combination with organic strategies.

One thing we always try and do, is combine our organic traffic efforts with some form of paid advertising. We talk about it in our course.

It doesn’t need to be much, even only a few dollars a day……

Paid Traffic Will Help Your Organic Efforts

It sound weird, but one of the best returns you’ll get from SEO, is using it with paid traffic….

Hang on…..isn’t that a contradiction?

Stay with me here…..

Google (and the other search engines), want to see high quality traffic to your store.

It’s great if it comes from google search, but Google also likes to see traffic that converts…..period, no matter where it comes from.

Retarget Your Organic Search Traffic

It make sense that if a visitor ends up on a collection or product page from organic search, they probably have more intent to purchase than a visitor that is acquired from a disruption strategy, like Facebook paid advertising.

It would also make sense that if you retarget this visitor with Facebook, Instagram or Google ads, they are more likely to convert, than retargeting from Facebook or Instagram advertising.

Google loves to see conversions….for Shopify stores, it’s one of the most powerful signals….

The more conversions, the more Google will value your store in your market.

You rank higher, your get more organic traffic, you retarget, make more conversions….

…and the snowball continues

Back To The Client

Did the organic traffic retargeting work?

We did nothing magical, just a simple retargeting campaign using dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads.


roas of retargeting campaign


Last month it achieved a return on ad spend of 18.17.

We also run retargeting for top end funnel Facebook ads, and that traffic converts not nearly as well.

None of this is new or revolutionary, but many store owners don’t distinguish between the traffic sources and difference in quality of the traffic.

It’s been consistent now for months. And the best part is……it helps push organic traffic higher and higher each month.

If you’re not retargeting your organic traffic, try it, if only a few dollars a day.


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