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Create Full E-Commerce Funnels In Shopify With FunnelBuildr

Below is a video I recorded on the topic above. Below that is a transcription of the video. It's probably just easier to watch the video....

This is a video walk through of the very cool Shopify FunnelBuildr app

You can get it here:

Hey guys, it's john here from economics SEO. In this video, I'm going to do a bit of a walkthrough of a pretty cool software or platform that we've been using. And interestingly, I don't think it's all that well known yet. It has had some teething problems in the past because what they're trying to do is actually quite, quite unique, even other strategies. Very well known the idea of building a funnel for your a console or landing pages and a and a funnel.

Lucky would with Click Funnels, as always been a little bit tricky to do with Shopify. But funnel builder is a is an app that you install on your Shopify store and you can actually build funnels for any econ any any product in your ecommerce store.

Very, very similar to Click Funnels. The great thing is to integrate seamlessly into your Shopify store. When orders come through via the funnel, the orders are synced to your Shopify store. And they just come through as per normal. There's a number of really good features. And recently in the last couple of months, I believe funnel builder has actually been acquired by optimized who themselves a very well known in the Shopify market due to themes and some apps and get just a really good, really good company that does well. So I'm sure that they've acquired funnel builder and they'll just continue to do the good work that's already been done and build on the features. So I'm just going to go through what it is and a bit of a demo and how it works.

This is a landing page if you want to get the the app you can click through on our link below full disclosure, it is an affiliate link. So we'll get a small commission, which helps to continue to make these videos and keep providing some sort of value. Welcome back to how the pricing works with it. At the end of the video, you can click through and actually check out the self sales page here the app, but I'm going to actually walk through the platform itself. So once you've you've installed the app, and you've you've selected your package, I think the as I said, we'll get through the pricing later. But the for the basic version, you actually get 50 free cat completions with the free app and to upgrade so it's actually a really good way of getting in for free and start using it and then it pays for itself essentially from your from your sales. So this is the back end of it. And basically, like I said, it just works similar to Click Funnels and just in terms of the setup.

So if you've worked with Click Funnels before, this will be relatively easy to get your head around, but it's really simple. You've got your dashboard, then you build pages. So you can click for two pages here and these are the different pages. You can You can create, then you've got the actual funnels that you've created performance, which is like stats, and you've got some settings here. So your general settings, checkout setting, thank you page, etc. Just go back to the dashboard. So these are some of the pages I've built. So if we just click through to go to Edit here, and you can see a page that I've created. So what it does, we might go through creating a new page, but I'm going to show you how it works. But you give that the page name, then you give it a title, and you click Next. And here's where you can add your product.

So when you're creating a new page, it'll ask you to select a product say select a product as a pool that all that data in from Shopify, which is really cool, give it a slug, and then you can proceed to editor and bear in mind this is a page you have already created. So as you can see, we've just got a drag and drop interface. And you can build out exactly how you want if you want to add a new element block down you have the all the element What's up, pop up pop out here, very similar Click Funnels and you've got all your section you can add in. So if we just wanted to add a headline in there, it just throws in a new headline section here. And then you can whoops. And then you've got your headline here and you can edit however you want, just like it would normally.

So we'll just remove that because this is a live live page. Yeah, and you can build out you've got your Add To Cart buttons just like in Click Funnels, edit the information in here with your drag and drop, set up, scroll on down, you can build out a full landing page. It's got a lot of different features, custom scripts, in SEO settings, all the rest. It's gotten their discounts you can auto add products. You can have a pop up for just got a preview we can have a look what the page actually looks like. So here's a page here, Live Preview.

Okay, we just got back to the dashboard. And you can build out you know, and your extra pages when you create them and ask ski really, you know, you want the that to be a landing page or a checkout page. This just do a test page here.

The next we just got choose a product that'll do, click Create Page, then it gives you a number of different templates you can use here, or you can build them from scratch. So discrete product page, but a build and he creates a template and then you can change the template however you want. So that's pretty cool. Got up cells and as the checkout page, so really quite simple to use. So once once you've actually completed building out and I'll show you just this, this example here of a funnel we've got running. So if we click on View, and this is natural live page.

So if we add the cat and then it'll go through to an upsell. And we can choose whether you want the upsell or not. Or No thanks. We'll choose the upsell. It takes us through to a checkout page. Just like again just like very similar to what you get with Click Funnels and then you can order it integrates with PayPal stripe with your credit card processes, etc. So all that integrated, you can integrate it with What's your email marketing software? At the moment, the I think the only email marketing software you can integrate with is MailChimp.

But then what you do, you can run a Zapier or a zap from MailChimp to say, caviar Active Campaign or any other email marketing software you're using. So it's got another, some other really cool features. So you can actually decide whether you want, they can go through the funnel and then go to the standard Shopify checkout that you've already got set up. So it sort of looks like it's your, your Shopify store as they come through the checkout. So that goes with the landing page using the funnel app, and then at the checkout, it's actually the Shopify checkout.

But you can optimize a lot further with the funnel builder checkout. So there's that you can get all the tracking information here a facebook pixel, etc. integrate your email marketing, as I mentioned, some other information here. Now this cool section here what the Activate Shopify landing page. What this means is What you can do is you can have your Shopify as boost and say drive all your traffic to your standard Shopify product pages. And then if someone clicks, add to cart or purchase now, what you can do is in direct them with this option here, direct them to, say an upsell or cross sell or just the next page in the funnel. So you can run them through from your, from your product page and Shopify through a funnel.

So you've got two options, you can either send your traffic directly to the funnel, build app landing page and run them through the funnel that way, and you still get all your sales through Shopify, or you can run all your traffic to your standard Shopify product page, and then they go through the funnel, once you've clicked through there, so it gives you a number of different options. What we're actually doing is running, running both so we're running a standard Shopify store, and we're running final build apps so we can we can do our split testing, etc. So once you've actually created your pages, here's where you actually build your funnel. So you've got the landing page, really simple say choose which One.

And you can you can add lucky you can split test so you can add another page and run, say 100% of the traffic to that one page or you can split test and run 50% one page 50% of the other so it's got all split split testing options there as well. Then we've got the upsell page are valid here, then they go to the checkout and the night you run them to a thank you page. And he can you can adjust your URLs if you're going to use them for SEO purposes, final title or your tracking code, etc. and everything else you need.

Like I said, if you click the link and come through to the actual get funnel build up page, you can see the pricing here. So if we get a pricing, it's free. Free with all these options here. So you get 50 checkout per month and then once you're past 50 checkouts in a last year, upgrade all your IP over use it for the until the month runs out.

Then you've and you can only have one Store and then the you've got these other monthly options here up the free stores and and unlimited checkouts so really really cool software it's only going to I think become more prominent, more popular and the quality is going to go through the roof and customer service etc is really good now Shopify shop demise actually owning the software. So it's pretty because it's free up to 50 Checkout, it's a no brainer, especially if you're serious about your Shopify store.

It's a no brainer that you grab this, install it and start testing running some traffic through your through a funnel, whether it's from your Shopify landing page or creating a landing page and dedicated for the funnel. So just thought I'd throw that in there and give you guys an idea of what's out there. Really cool software. Hope this video has been a value and we'll see in the next video thanks

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