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New SEO Software – PageOptimizer Pro – Quick Review And Walk Through

This is a quick run through of and how we use it to optimise our on page search engine optimization.

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Hey guys, this is john from economics SEO. Just want to quickly in this video this morning, you’re talking about a relatively relatively new tool we’ve been using in our agency for our clients and our own sites, probably for the last six months or so. And it continues to improve and the guys behind it serious,

serious gurus and SEO experts, and it’s also got a fantastic community behind it. It’s called page optimizer Pro. And essentially what it is, is a tool that you can use competitor analysis to optimize your on page for any site. And the way it works is you basically put your, your keyword in that you’re trying to rank for, you put your site in, and then also you ask it to go and scan competitors and you can also manually add competitors in so for example, that would be let’s say trying to rank for

Word and you go to the first page of Google and you would identify competitors, say your blog, for example, or a blog for your e commerce store, you put your competitors in. And that might be blogs that are similar to yours on the first page. Or it might even be

other ecommerce stores you can you can put in, and then you let it do its job and and scan all the data and then it pulls back a matrix of results and data and gives you recommendations on how to match or as closely match to your competitors as possible. And it works really well. It’s really simple to use. And the great thing is you start to get results and things do start to pop when you when you use this tool properly. So page optimizer pro page optimizer dot Pro is the URL

and we just scroll on down here you can This is the homepage here of

Firstly also get a free trial. So that’s really cool. And then you pay on a credit basis. The other cool thing is if we scroll down to the bottom and we go to accredited agencies, and we were lucky enough to be approved as a an accredited agency,

which is us right there, silicon

So we recommend it to our clients.

And yeah, it’s one of those one of those rare tools that comes along that actually does what it says it will. So I’ve just logged into the back end, just give me two seconds ago, I’ve logged into the back end of the project. There’s a little bit more information to the left of the screen, but I can’t show you that because there are clients so just keep keep it

private for them. But here are the projects after you put your details in. It’s really simple to actually run a project or market back in will do that.

Before we look at this, so Vic, we’ve created a new project of just use the women shoes keyword and just picked out a site that was on page, bottom of page two in Google, or Google Australia. We let it run and do its thing.

Ask us a few questions, we can firm it.

Okay, then it brings us to this page and we’re going to create a

new page for this project.

I’m gonna put the keywords in so it’s women shoes.

Next, can I select our language and our region, Australia.

Just some other options here. You can use the Google la NLP API, if you have the pro account and some other information, but we can just let it run as it is now.

That also comes with a Chrome extension. And if we click next using Chrome extension, what it does is it opens up and we can’t say there on the other screen but it opens up all the competitors on the first page for that particular term in that region and it just runs through

the process. So just let that run then we’ll come back. Okay, it’s ran the scrape and then it asks whether we’re going to we can add missing keyword vape variations. So these are all the ones that were already added and then we can

add more if we want. I’m just gonna lay the variations for what the poor the tool actually pulled back. Then we go next.

And then do we want the specific page we want to optimize and we do we want the women shoes

asks if you’ve built the page of time page or source code. So that’s page one run, who click Next. And then now we can. This is where we select which

competitors we want to use. So these are all on the first page. And the reason you can do this is you might sort of exclude say, a directory, or something that’s not exactly related to, to what you want.

overanalyze 147 you selected, selected domains

have been added in.

Then we ran, and it always gives you tips and ideas and there’s some really good tutorial videos how to use it properly. So I’m just doing a quick run through to give the idea the concept. So we’ll let that run now.

Let’s go to select all these again.

And submit

Okay, so let’s run the the data and the report and then it pulls back and gives you an overall score and an adjusted score. Now, I’m not going to go through what each of them are, but what we can do in this in this video, but all we can do is just go to the View Report.

And then what you can see it does and pulls back recommendations. So it uses this little color bar here to give you an understanding of where it’s sitting. And obviously, you’d want to be in the green section.

But if you go to each third to summary, you go to each of the recommendations and it gives you really in depth information about what you should change. So the meta title, add one exact key word in your meta title of the page. page one add one exact keyword in the h1 of your page.

And then always

further recommendation and gives then also for variations in la si variations, keywords

Gives you a lots and lots of door, lots and lots of data page structure. So you can sort of break it down into the sections you want.

Even goes as deep as schema, which is really, really cool.

And then

the rest of these were for the agency plans.

So then what you’re going to do you use these these to actually adjust your page, and then you can rerun, and it’ll give you that new score. And we’re seeing some really good results. We’re still testing

on a number of different sites and types of sites, so local sites, ecommerce stores, blogs, etc. And it really we find it really works well for the page level. So if you’ve got an e commerce blog, for example, and you’re trying to push a bit of relevance and traffic to your product, and you’re using that blog posts to actually

to actually

Push a product and you’ve got that keyword in mind then you can actually optimize that blog post quite with quite in depth research to give you the structure you need.

So very quickly, that was just a bit of a an overview or from my point of view of how page optimizer pro works, you can sign up for the free trial if you use our link below full disclosure, we will receive a small commission if you then decide to take up credits.

So but it’s it’s well worth jumping on the free trial anyway and just giving it giving it a bit of a run and see how it works. Thanks. I hope this video has been valuable and we’ll catch you later on.


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