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ShopSheriff AMP App Updates – Shopify SEO

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Hey guys, it's Jono here from ECom X SEO.

In this video, I'm just going to provide a bit of an update on one of our recommended and favorite Shopify apps. Being AMP for Shopify by Shop Sheriff. Just quickly though, if you haven't subscribed to our channel, a YouTube channel, hit the subscribe button so you can get updated on when new videos are posted. We try and post videos every week, normally a couple of times a week. And also, head on over to our private Facebook group where you can answer a couple of questions. We will let you in and then there's a great discussion on Shopify SEO over there as well.

Now as I mentioned, one of our favorite apps for Shopify, and certainly for organic optimization of Shopify, is AMP, or Shopify for AMP by Shop Sheriff. If you haven't used AMP on your Shopify store, I encourage you to do so. Certainly when you use an app like this where the free version of the app allows you to have AMP on all your product pages, and then if you upgrade, you can then add AMP to your collection pages and your homepage and other pages. We certainly generally have AMP on all our collection pages and product pages. And if you don't know what AMP is, you can certainly just Google what AMP is, but it stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It's a endorsed Google technology where, essentially, content from your store on a mobile device is served by Google itself. So they take that content, it's on their own servers, and they serve that content to use at lightning fast speeds.

We like it because, obviously, you get good customer experience because it's lightning fast. But also, anytime we add AMP to our stores, we get a rankings increase, and not only just on our mobile pages, but across the store. Where you're endorsing a Google feature, generally, you get nice boost to your rankings and your performance. Now, not everyone is a fan of AMP, and there's some issues around should you be allowing Google to use your content, et cetera? That's fine, I understand the arguments, but we simply use what works, and AMP works through our stores and our client stores. And like I said, when there's a free app like this on the free version, it's a no-brainer to do it. But I just wanted to update you on some of the new integrations they've got now, which is what we've sort of been waiting on. These guys are really good at... The developers, they just continue to upgrade and bring in more features, and it's now, by far, in a way, the best AMP that we find in the Shopify App Store.

So you can see all the integrations now. You've got your analytics, your tag manager, and your Facebook pixel, which were always there, but now they're in this dashboard here. And with all these integrations, you can just contact the developers and ask them, and they'll get back to you and see whether they can actually include an integration for you. A really cool option now are your product reviews. So if you have product reviews or using a product review app, up until now, you had to contact the AMP developers and they would integrate them for you manually. But now that there's integrations, it does it automatically. So all the most popular product review apps, and then you're going to have your structured markup and snippets on your AMP pages. And, obviously, you're got to be able to show your star reviews on your AMP pages as well.

And then if we scroll on down, we've got a custom CSS app, which is pretty cool for anyone who wants to work with CSS on their pages. And then some other app integrations, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, et cetera, which are all handy and certainly are going to make sure your AMP page is just a little more user friendly.

Yeah. So, basically, a very quick update on some of the new features of AMP by Shop Sheriff. If you don't have the app, you can use the link below and head on over, install for free, set it up. In one of the last videos I did on Shop Sheriff AMP, they've now got this visual editor. It just works pretty well the same as Shopify itself, so the learning curves not very steep at all anymore. You can just come in and optimize and set up your pages like you would for Shopify. Okay. Thanks. See you in the next video.

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