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Leveraging Shopify Tag Pages For Google Traffic

The following is an email blast that was delivered to our subscribers on 20/11/2020

Hey ,

Do you know the power of Shopify tag pages?

Tag pages have been around with site design for ever…..

but most sites don’t use them effectively, if at all

or worse, they are providing Google with a low quality signal.

Tags are important and can be used in a variety of ways to help user navigation, sort products, and aggregate collections…

The Tag Page Conundrum

If you use the native Shopify tag system out of the box, chances are you’ll end up with a heap of low quality tag pages with duplicate content, indexed in Google.

While it will not necessarily directly put your site at risk of a Google penalty, your entire site may be suppressed,
or individual pages not performing as they should…..

That’s why we normally add the “noindex” tag to tag pages.

It helps keep sites cleaner and ensure our high quality pages are indexed and ranked
and getting the love from Google they deserve.

What If You Could Leverage The Power Of Tag Pages?

Up until now there has been no way to optimise tag pages without complicated custom code…..

You know the drill, SEO titles, H1 tags, descriptions, unique content etc…….Imagine a URL like this, that you could also optimise easily….

yourstore . com/ collections / t-shirts/ red

add a unique seo title, H1 title, description, content……with full control….

💥💥 BOOM 💥💥

Now that’s a super relevant high quality ecommerce page.
This is what we are currently building into our app….and it’s coming early 2021.
All current users will of course, get early access, and we’ll be calling for beta testers very soon…….



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