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2021 Plans At EcomXSEO

The following is an email blast that went out to our subscribers on 13-1-2021


It’s been a few weeks since I last sent out an email blast. Like most of us, the end of the year, Christmas & New Year was crazy, we had a number of clients running Boxing Day sales, and bedding down stores for the holiday period.

As a family we took off camping on the Murray River here in Australia for a few days. It was awesome….

2021 Plans

Shopify App: Firstly, our Shopify app Optizen, is getting a major upgrade with some cool new features, and is in beta testing right now. This should be live in the store in a few weeks. You guys will be the first to know.

Agency Scaling: 

We’re currently in the process of updating our systems and processes to be able to scale our Shopify SEO agency in 2021. We’ve had many store owners and students asking if we are taking on new clients

We simply didn’t have room in 2020, and needed to focus on our current clients. We will let everyone know when we’re ready to take applications.

ShopifyX SEO Courses: 

We will continue to add new content and strategies that are working for us and our clients right now. 

A large portion of this will be how to utilise the features of our app in the best way. I can tell you no one is doing this yet!

Affiliate Sites: 

We’re starting to get really good results (and revenue is growing) with our affiliate sites, both Shopify hybrid and content affiliate sites.  

One of our new affiliate sites (4 months old), will hit $1000 profit this month. For a new affiliate site with purely organic traffic, this is pretty cool.

We will continue to provide videos and strategies in our email blasts and Youtube channel on what’s happening here. 

Who said you can’t run affiliate marketing in conjunction with ecommerce? We’re doing it right now.

SO that’s what our plans are for 2021. We’re expecting a big year, and expecting our students and clients are going to be just as prosperous. 

Good luck, and feel free to reach out via email or in our Facebook group.




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