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Building Deeper Shopify Schema Entities

Below is a video I recorded on the topic above. Below that is a transcription of the video. It's probably just easier to watch the video....

Hey guys, Jono here from Ecom X SEO, getting creative with your Shopify store homepage schema.

Just quickly if you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, hit the subscribe button or head on over to our private Facebook group and check on over the great discussion over there. Now also, just recently we have opened up our Shopify X SEO version 2 course on-page and off-page. A free trial there, so you get the first 11 modules for free. You can see whether that course is for you. Just in this video today, I just wanted to go through how you can get a little more creative with your schema that you add to your home page on Shopify.

If you've been following some of our videos or you're in some of our courses, you know we like to delve a little bit deeper into schema on the homepage. We use organization schema. And if we just go to, you can see that all the time, they're adding more schema elements that you can actually add to your organization schema. You can read about what they are here, so I just wanted to show you a couple that we've been adding in recently that that seems to just tie everything even stronger together. We've got the rich results here, and what I'm going to do is just run one of our standard schema templates. This is just a sample, we'll run it through the code and we'll run it and test it. So while we're just letting that run, let's bring on over my other, my sheet here. You can see here, we've added in quite a bit. We've added in some extra bits and pieces that probably not a lot of Shopify stores have.

We've got the same ads, which a lot do, but the founding year, the founder, the person, so you tie the person to the store and that entity, the site owner, their full name. Alumni of, so if they have any qualifications, university, or college educations. Makes a lot of sense to add them here, if the education you have is relevant to say a product you're selling in your store or the theme of your store. Knows about, so you can add in industry journals that you possibly know about or written in Wikidata information, and even just keywords on topics that you know about you can add in here. That's pretty standard, and if we run it through the structured data tests or the new rich results, we get all green ticks, which is great, but just some others that we've been running recently.

If we just bring over my page again and open it up, so good ones to use at the moment we're finding are member, member of, and award. This is particularly important if you're selling a product and a lot of people who are really into their business, and might've been doing say trade exhibitions as well, you're part of clubs, associations for your particular market or in your industry. Member you could have, say you're selling a dog supplement, you might be part of a dog association or a dog club example so you could add it in your member part of your schema. Member of, again of a sporting club or an association or a local business group, those sorts of things. What also I think is quite good is awards, so if your products have won awards somewhere, or maybe you've won an award as a business person or an entrepreneur or something, adding in that information there, certainly when you can tie it to a well-known award, you're going to add it in here.

That can really just help build a little more relevance and a bit more authority and trust for your particular site. What we can do now, so these are ... They're both organization and person, but for this particular example, we're going to add them in the person section of the schema, so we can just ... Well, we've got alumni of so we can just add a space and then paste those in. And then if we go and run that again, we'll see whether that they actually validate. I'm just going to paste a code in here, run the test again. So there you go, validate, all okay. We can open up our section here and we can see that we've had our member of, member, and award added in. You can play around with this, make sense. If you've got that information to add it to your home page schema, certainly just build that trust and authority in your schema and tie it to your brand and see in your store. Okay. Thanks. That's all for today. See you in the next video.

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