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Do FAQ Snippets Help Shopify Pages Rank?

Below is a video I recorded on the topic above. Below that is a transcription of the video. It's probably just easier to watch the video....

Hey guys, John here from Ecomics SEO, can you use frequently asked question, structured data and snippets on Shopify collection pages and get results?

I just quickly, if you haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, make sure you hit the subscribe button and also head on over to our Facebook group where there's plenty of great content discussion going on in there. So just wanted to work through a bit of a test we've been doing on one of our product pages in one of our Shopify stores and this particular term. So I'm just going to go through the context of it. So, what I wanted to test was can we have frequent FAQ snippets or structured data on the collection page? Will we get results, will that cause any problems, will it actually show up in the SERPs, et cetera? Shopify is a little different as you know, so sometimes we just need to test a few things.

So here's the term here, bone broth protein powder, Australia search volume of 90 for this particular term. And then there's the associated terms with it. So there's quite a lot of search volume there in Australia. So the main terms we've been tracking is this one here and then also bone broth protein Australia. So 80 searches per month for that.

So you can see here's the traffic graph. So in December 2019, we were nowhere. Then it popped up, and it's been tracking along nine. Then it moved to four in April and then May, June, July, it's moved up to position two. And then if we look at bone broth protein powder has a bit of a similar graph at about the same time it's moved up. And now it's in position nine for this particular term. Then if we go on over and have a look at our Google search results, so bone broth protein Australia, if we scroll on down and we are number in real terms, it says we're number three here.

So first of all, we can see that our FAQ snippets actually do serve the result in Google. So we open it up and we've got FAQ here. So this has obviously been on here about four months now. So, and what's happened you can see that just looking at these graphs it's just continued to creep up. Now, if you also look, we've got no back links running to this where we're not doing anything else with this particular collection page, just letting it sit with that content and with the FAQ and see what happens to it. The only thing I would say is the site has gained a little bit of relevance and power over the last four months site wide.

So that could be one of the reasons it's just continued to increase. But if we look here, I think there's a good chance that having the FAQ snippets on the page has helped as well. So interestingly though, so there's only two for this particular search where I am in Australia, there's only two. If I accuse it actually show up as featured or rich snippets. Then if we go and look at the actual structured data and we look at our data IQ in a structured data you can see, we have more than one question. So we've got one, two, three, four, five questions and answers, but there's only one that's actually, sorry, two that is actually showing up in this page. We then go and have a look at the actual page itself.

So you can see here are our questions. And I think these quick QAs, I'll just have a look and see if they are actually what hashtag we added there. Go to the source code from memory. I think they're all H2. Product is H2.

Keep scrolling down. Maybe that'll hide your three. H3 with the H4. Okay. So I found the questions in the source code. So we actually didn't even add any H tags, which is probably an oversight, but you can still see that it's helped us gain that rich snippet and rank. So what we might do now is actually go and add H tags to these and monitor this over a few weeks and see if we have any change. Maybe we can push it to position one just by doing that. So these actual headings here, they're not actually in H tags. So just by adding the structured data, we've been able to gain that. So interesting. Now, obviously one of the benefits of having this structured data in here, it adds, these obviously dropped down sections, and it's a point of difference between all the other search results on the page. And there's potential to gain greater click-through rate. We actually haven't been tracking that. We just wanted to see whether we had an increase in rankings or not.

The other thing it does... What does happen though, if you have your star ratings for your product data and your reviews, they won't show if you've got these structured data. So our star ratings better for a click-through rate, or because this is quite a bit different. Is this better? One thing I would say, we have noticed that sometimes when you add your FAQ snippets, that because it answers people's questions right here, the actual click-through rate may actually decrease. So that's just something to consider if you do this, but in terms of performance in the search results, seems to be working pretty well. So we'll change it's H tags now, and we'll see if we get any change in results over the next few weeks. And I'll probably do another video on that as we're moving forward. Okay. Thanks. We'll see you in the next video.

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