Optizen FAQs


Below are frequently asked questions about the Opizen App.

Q. What stores will benefit from the app?

Any live store will benefit from using the app, buy enabling content to be added to collection pages below the product grid.

Q. Why will the app benefit my store?

Providing more content on collection pages builds authority and relevance to a particular category. This flows through to products of the specific collections, helping organic search engine rankings of both the collection pages and product pages. With a default shopify setup, content can be added, but on the majority of themes, can only be added above the product grid. Therefore large amounts of content push the product grid further down the page, making for a less than optimum user experience. Optizen mitigates this issue by keeping a positive user experience, while adding the feature to add large amounts of content.

Q. Is it easy to use?

Yes, simply install, and then navigate to the app dashboard. All existing collection pages will be automatically added to the dashboard, and you can add content via the html editor. Any new collection pages will automatically be added to the dashboard.

Q. Does the app add html content?

Yes. The app has an editor where content can be added as text or html, and has an easy wysiwyg html editor.

Q. Is there a cost?

No. Currently the app is free.

Q. What store and personal information does the app collect

The app only collects collection information to populate existing collections in the app. Information such as customer details, sales and orders are not accessed by the app.

Q. What happens if I change my theme?

If you change the Shopify theme, Optizen will remain installed, and all content added will remain. However to ensure the content is active on the new theme, you need to re-save each collection after a theme has been changed, or if you make new edits.

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