What Is Optizen?


What Is Optizen?

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Optizen is a Shopify app that we created to improve the SEO features of the standard Shopify store.

While there are many SEO apps that you can install in the Shopify app store, many only provide standard features. Currently Optizen provide 2 distinct features that provide a robust and improved SEO performance fo Shopify stores.

1. Content Below The Product Grid On Collection Pages

One of the major drawbacks of collection pages on most Shopify themes, is the inability to add content below the product grid on collection pages.

Optizen allows you to simply add content on any collection page, below the product grid, using a simple HTML WYSIWHG editor.

2. Tag Page Optimization

Currently, within the standard Shopify install, and almost all themes, there is no way to edit and optimize tag pages from an SEO perspective.

Optizen allows you to edit tag pages manually, to improve the SEO performance of your entire Shopify store.

With Optizen, you can edit the following on any tag page:

  • SEO title
  • SEO description
  • Page description, both above and below the product grid
  • H1 / page title
  • Add a “noindex” or “index” tag for the search engines
  • Add a noindex tag to all tag pages, and only index the pages you want

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