Affiliate FAQs

Below are some questions you may have about our affiliate program.

Who can apply as an affiliate to EcomXSEO courses?

Anyone can apply to become an affiliate. However all applications will be pending until approved by our affiliate manager. We may ask further questions about how you plan to promote our products.

What is the commission rate?

All course sales receive a commission of 50% of the price of the course.

What is the cookie period?

90 days. This means the user you refer through your affiliate link will have up to 90 days to purchase, for you to make the commission. If the user purchases after 90 days, you will not receive the commission.

When are affiliates paid?

Affiliates are paid on the first business day of each month.

Can affiliates track their traffic and commissions?

Yes. Each affiliate will receive a login to their personal affiliate dashboard upon registering to become an affiliate. Once the application is approved, the dashboard status will change from pending to approved, and referrals can being tracking.

How do affiliates obtain their affiliate link?

A dedicated affiliate link will be available in the affiliate dashboard upon approval. Your can append (add on) your affiliate id to any url.

What promotional methods are appropriate?

Affiliate are able to promote courses using their own email lists, paid advertising, website link or banner placement, friends and family, and organic social media.

NOTE: If affiliates spam social media pages or groups, the affiliate manager reserves the right the remove the affiliate without notice.

How do affiliates apply?

You can register to become an affiliate here.

For more information, you can find our affiliate policy here.